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Apps per a mòbils i qualitat

Posted in Android, tablet by dartagnan on 29 Desembre 2011

Interessant article a la revista CIO sobre la necessitat de parar atenció a la qualitat en apps per a mòbils, especialment si són per als clients:

Being able to interact with your customers closely via mobile apps could create significant differentiation for companies that exploit this opportunity well.
However the emphasis needs to be on providing useful functionality in your app, not just treating it as a way of advertising your brand.
Consumers expect apps to be highly intuitive and useful, and actually work.
A surprising number of apps, even from well-known companies, have very apparent reliability issues, and this in turn can reflect on your brand.

Enllaç: http://www.cio.co.uk/article/3325344/application-of-quality/

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