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Reconeixement facial en Android 4.0?

Posted in Android, Seguretat by dartagnan on 25 Octubre 2011

Un altre pas en la bona direcció, si s’acompanya d’una bona configuració (cal reconeixement facial per desbloquejar en tot moment? o només cada cert número d’hores? o només quan no recordes el PIN?)

Google hasn’t really released too many details on the new “Face Unlock” feature in Android Ice Cream Sandwich, which lets users unlock their handhelds by simply staring into their devices’ digital camera lenses. So it’s unclear whether or not Face Unlock will meet organizations’ security requirements and serve as a suitable number- or alphanumeric-password replacement. But if so, the feature could make it easier for users to unlock devices while still maintaining data security.

mitjançantAndroid 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich: Best New Features for Business CIO.com.

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