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La Liga Awards | Football | guardian.co.uk

Posted in Esports by dartagnan on 14 Juny 2011

Interessant resum de la Lliga espanyola 2010-2011 a The Guardian, explicant el paper de cada equip, i escollint les millors jugades, gols, articles periodístics, etc.

This was not always the most sparkling of seasons but it was the hardest; before Christmas they had been graceful, smooth and precise, after Christmas they showed the competitive spirit that is too often overlooked. They had spent the year being constantly attacked and had withstood some of the bitterest and wildest of accusations. They were the worst of travellers, turning up late in Pamplona, but the best of them too. Never before had a team picked up 46 points on the road.

La veritat és que, fent-hi una ullada, he trobat algunes autèntiques perles, com aquesta que fa referència a la memòria més curta, que s’endú un columnista del diari Sport.

Shortest memory

Lluis Mascaró, the Sport columnist who described Barcelona versus Madrid as “the final battle between good and evil”, wins this award. “The Copa del Rey final is the most important that Barcelona have played in their whole history. None of the 25 [Cup] titles won in 109 years of competition have had the transcendence that this has, in sporting and media terms,” he wrote the morning of the Copa del Rey final. “The Copa del Rey is, without doubt, the least important of the three that Real Madrid and Barcelona are playing for this season. The fact that Mourinho’s team have won it does not make it transcendental,” he wrote two mornings after the Copa del Rey final.

mitjançantLa Liga Awards | Football | guardian.co.uk.


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