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[Deloitte]Tablets in the enterprise: more than just a toy

Posted in Geek life, Seguretat, tablet by dartagnan on 22 gener 2011

Un article interessant de Deloitte, sobre els tablets en el món de l’empresa durant el 2011. Aquí en teniu un resum:

Four main factors are driving tablet adoption in the enterprise market.

First, and already the most apparent, many consumers initially buy tablet computers as personal media devices, but quickly discover they are also useful for work. (…)

Second, certain industry verticals seem poised to start using tablets in fairly large numbers over the course of the year; in fact, trials are already underway. The retail, manufacturing and healthcare industries are considered the most likely early adopters, primarily due to (…)

Third, enterprise software providers are rapidly responding to Fortune 500 customer requests for tablet-specific software. Large players in ERP, ECM, CRM and other enterprise applications are combining with desktop virtualization providers to(…).

Fourth, the tablet form factor itself is driving adoption in the boardroom. Unlike laptops and smartphones, both of which create an obvious physical barrier between the user and others in the room, a tablet can be placed flat on a conference table and accessed unobtrusively

Per una altra banda, unes consideracions addicionals sobre els riscos de seguretat associats als dispositius, i el desenvolupament d’aplicacions específiques.

Security is already being discussed as a potentially big issue for enterprise tablets. In some ways tablets are more secure than PCs – at time of writing no tablet-specific virus has been reported, and most don’t even have USB ports, eliminating a common security weak point. On the other hand, tablets are small, portable and a popular target for thieves. As a new device, tablets should probably be presumed insecure until proven otherwise.

App development will need to be monitored closely. Cost per app can range from $5,000-$500,000 (depending on complexity), so not all enterprises will be able to develop an app for every type of tablet; nor will they be able to fund a large number of custom apps for employees. (…)


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    • dartagnan said, on 10 febrer 2011 at 12:55 am

      Espero que tardin menys a treure’l al mercat que l’HP Slate 500, que el van anunciar el gener 2010 i el van començar a servir a finals de novembre 2011.
      Per cert, funciona de conya!

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