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Common misconceptions: sushi

Posted in Geek life by dartagnan on 5 gener 2011

Arran d’aquest acudit, he fet una ullada a l’entrada de Wikipedia de Common misconceptions.

Common misconceptions

Acudit de xkcd.com

Aquesta m’ha agradat:

  • Sushi does not mean raw fish, and not all sushi includes raw fish.[37][38] The usual Japanese term for raw fish is sashimi. The term sushi actually comes from the rice used, “sumeshi”, which is gently folded with a vinegar and salt and sugar dressing.[39] Toppings for the rice may traditionally include raw fish—but also cooked seafood, fish roe, egg, or vegetables such as cucumber, daikon radish, or ume plum. The dish constituting sushi and other fillings wrapped in a seaweed is referred to as makizushi, a type of sushi.

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