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Ground surf

Posted in Geek life by dartagnan on 22 Juliol 2008

Si ja es podia practicar el surf per sobre l’aigua i per sobre la neu, ara es pot practicar surf per sobre la terra.

The real invention of ground surfing is about the combination of four essential surf technical features. The GroundSurf fulfils the four big technical requirements:

A system of sensors mounted directly on the board lets you accelerate or slow down by shifting your weight forwards or back.

A 3D rear truck enables the board to tilt 45° when carving.

A front wheel motor specially designed to reproduce the push of a good wave.

If you fall off, the presence detection system acts like a virtual leash and automatically stops the board less than 2m from the rider.

No he trobat cap referència al preu de l’invent, però fa temps parlaven d’uns 1.200€.

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